General Chair Welcome

Welcome to ILSC® 2022!  We are excited to be in Houston, Texas for the world’s most important conference on laser safety.  Even if this is your first time or you are a long-time attendee, you will find something of interest.  The Opening and Closing Plenary Sessions include many exciting talks, including Dr. Ramona Gaza from NASA Johnson Space Center presenting the challenges of laser safety for space exploration in low-Earth orbit and beyond and Dr. Tammy Ma from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory discussing creating a star on earth, the quest for fusion, and where lasers are taking us in high energy density physics research.

With their ever expanding use in all areas; from medicine and healthcare, industry and autonomous vehicles or the quest for higher intensity/power output lasers, there is something for everyone at ILSC® 2022.  Whether it be the Laser Safety Scientific Sessions where experts present the latest research on biological effects or the everyday challenges of practicing laser safety, the Medical Practical Applications and Technical Practical Application Sessions will serve your needs.  Don’t miss this opportunity to meet up with other professionals from around the world to learn, share, and to make new friends.  See you in Houston!

The International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC® is a comprehensive four-day conference covering all aspects of laser safety practice and hazard control. Scientific sessions will address developments in regulatory, mandatory and voluntary safety standards for laser products and for laser use. The Practical Applications Seminars (PAS) complement the Scientific Sessions by exploring everyday scenarios that the LSO and MLSO may encounter. Professionals in all fields and applications will find ILSC a tremendous source for information and networking opportunities.

Conference Tracks

There are currently no event tracks to show. This information is coming soon.