Abstract Submission Information

The International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC®) covers all aspects of laser safety practice and hazard control. A two-day Technical and two-day Medical Practical Applications Seminar (PAS) complement the scientific sessions by exploring everyday scenarios that the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) or Medical Laser Safety Officer (MLSO) may encounter. Laser safety experts from all over the world will meet and discuss their research, programs and standards.

Conference Tracks:

  • Medical Practical Applications Seminar
  • Technical Practical Applications Seminar
  • Laser Safety Scientific Sessions

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions should contain original, recent, unpublished results of application research, development, or implementation. Product endorsement papers will not be accepted.

Manuscript deadlines must be strictly observed. Late manuscripts will not be published in the proceedings.

Poster Presentation Submission Information:

The ILSC Poster Presentation Gallery will be featured throughout the conference. Join presenters to share ideas.

Manuscripts that accompany poster submissions are published in the ILSC conference proceedings.

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